Humidify Fountains

Fountains to Humidify

We all know about the beautifying properties of indoor water fountains. It completely changes how a space looks: from a drab, ignored corner to a highlight of the room. With Yogya Nature’s wide range of designs to choose from, you can easily discover one that fits your home aesthetics. Everyone made from natural stone, some come in minimalist colours, differing textures, interesting details and various lengths and widths.

Indoor fountains are natural humidifiers

Humidification is an essential part of a room, home or business setting. Moisture helps keep the air breathable and fresh.

Placing a water fountain indoors does the same as turning on a humidifier, plus a lot more besides – and it’s a lot better for you.

The splashing of the water evaporates as moisture in the air, giving the space the humidity it needs.

 A Yogya Nature indoor fountain will keep the air around you humidified, and this will in turn bring you health benefits, all year long.

 Indoor water fountains are especially helpful during the winter months. Fountains provide a focal point and humidify the air of interior, enclosed spaces. Having a water feature in your home invites peace and serenity in the atmosphere, basically because the negative ions the water produces calms the soul. The sound of the water flowing helps in detoxifying the mind, creating a calming effect to promote rest and relaxation.

 Humidification of dry rooms

In areas that are dry normally, and those that require indoor heat during the winter drying out the rooms, understand the need for a humidifier in your home. Generally, cold weather produces lower humidity levels, and heating devices can further suck the moisture from the air. Dry environments can cause health issues as well as uncomfortable dry skin. One way to combat this problem without a home humidifier is with water walls or some other indoor water fountain.

 Your water fountain works as a balancer to spaces with furnaces. Remember that when you use a heater or fireplace, you can actually experience bad side effects. These heat sources can dry your skin and hair and cause eye irritation. Dryness can also cause your plants to wilt or appear “limper” than ordinary. In some cases, a very dry room can create cracks in the wall.

Dryness affects drywall pieces, wooden floors and trim.

An indoor fountain can cause people to be more energized and clear-minded, while a dry atmosphere can cause fatigue and problems with the nose and throat.  And when your throat and nose are giving you trouble, you are more prone to colds.

 When you buy a Yogya Nature’s indoor fountain for your home or office you ensure sure that your interiors are safe and comfortable. A water fountain may actually be better than using an electric humidifier. Such humidifiers may cause too much moisture to accumulate in the room which can damage the walls through mildew build-up. You want just enough moisture to make the room come to life, but not too much so as to produce excessive condensation.

Indoor water fountains provide this extra source of humidity as the flow of water pulls in water molecules. This action goes a long way in reducing the strain put on your body. The process also benefits the health of house plants and pets.

Humidifiers vs. Fountains

If you have ever had a humidifier, then you will know how loud they can be. An indoor water fountain has a peaceful and quiet noise that most people find refreshing. The sound of running water is considered by many to be relaxing.

Humidifiers usually need regular refilling, are ugly and don’t fit in with the décor of the home, are loud, interfering with normal living in the home. In addition, filters often have to be replaced and can be expensive. Finally, many humidifiers cannot be controlled as the mist is produced continuously whether needed or not.

 You could put your indoor water fountain in any area of the house you wish; the main room, on the wall, on a floor or even on a table-top. Water fountains are especially popular during the winter season; however, they require some maintenance when it’s extremely cold.

 Keep your rooms properly humidified for your good health. With their clear health benefit, a water fountain is more than a decorative ornament, but a wise purchase that helps keep the room’s atmosphere properly balanced for you and your family.