Decorative Fountains

Yogya Nature’s Decorative Fountains

Office decor

Your office is more than just that place you work. It’s an extension of you and also a space that you spend a lot of time in. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time in a boring office. You deserve a workspace that’s peaceful, productive and makes you happy to see every day. Decorating your office or workspace with Yogya Nature fountains is the first step towards creating a stress free space to work in.

Relax the office

Desktop water fountains and Indoor table-top fountains bring the feeling of the outdoors to your desk, office, or home. The beautifully designed fountains and the calm, flowing water will create a relaxing atmosphere and help you be at peace. These conveniently sized desktop Fountains plug in to an electrical outlet.

Touch of elegance

Yogya Nature water fountains can add a touch of elegance and mesmerizing beauty to offices, waiting rooms and outdoor landscapes. Put your visitors and employees at ease with the calming look and sound of falling water.

Different fountain sizes, indoor or outdoor

Yogya Nature’s selection includes fountains of various shapes and sizes to suit a variety of décor styles. Many of our larger fountains can be placed indoors or outdoors, making them great for living rooms, reception areas and gardens alike. A table fountain is small enough to make an excellent gift and can be placed on a table-top or shelf for personal relaxation.

Elegant designs

There are a multitude of designs to choose from in our selection, from the grand and intricate to the simple and serene. Check out multi-tiered designs for a look that will fascinate, or choose one of the flat-pane designs for a wall-filling presence. Some lit designs give the water a twinkling effect. Wherever the water falls, it’s sure to make an impact.


Slate, stone, wood and other materials give these fountains a regal and eye-catching appearance. Different materials will provide a different water effect, so think about the area the fountain will occupy and choose accordingly.

Simple Setup

Most fountains will only require an open outlet and an initial supply of water for it to recycle. On/off switches make it easy to conserve energy after hours.